CodeIgniter folder structure overview

Below is a quick overview of each CodeIgniter folder, starting from the repository root.

  • application/ – stores the CI core extensions, libraries, configuration, cache, controllers, views, helpers, hooks, languages, logs, models and third_party extensions
  • application/cache/ – stores the application cache
  • application/config/ – stores the autoload, main configuration, database, constants, doctypes, foreign characters, hooks, migration, memcache, mimers, profiler, smileys and user agents settings
  • application/core/ – CI core functionality extensions
  • application/controllers/ – your application controllers
  • application/libraries/ – libraries
  • application/languages/[language_name]/ – language files
  • application/helpers/ – stores helpers
  • application/logs/ – application logs
  • application/models/ – your business logic
  • application/views/ – your view files
  • application/third_party/ – third party extensions
  • core/ – CI core functionality

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