Installing Capistrano 3 on a Linux machine, using RVM

Previously, an entry was written on how to Install Capistrano 3, on Debian. Here is an alternate, quicker way, of installing Capistrano using RVM, on any flavour of Linux – authored by Omar Tamer.

This tutorial requires curl, and root level privileges.

First stage is to install the ruby version manager, RVM:

Step 1: Download and execute the install script:

curl -sSL | bash

Step 2: Follow instructions on screen, to add the RVM script to your bash profile, and enable RVM script functions.

Second stage, is to install ruby and Capistrano:

Step 1: Invoke the RVM install script, for ruby-2.1.2:

rvm install ruby-2.1.2

Step 2: Create a gemset for Capistrano 3:

rvm use ruby-2.1.2@cap3  --create

Step 3: Install Capistrano 3, using gem:

gem install capistrano

Step 4: Test Capistrano:

cap -v

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